Clinic for Prevention, Beauty and Movement

Summit is an exceptional clinic specializing in aesthetic medicine and surgery, preventive and regenerative medicine, and ambulatory surgery, especially orthopedic.

Entirely dedicated to beauty and movement, and located in the heart of the mountains of Crans-Montana, Summit offers a luxurious environment and personalized services dedicated to your well-being.

The Summit team caters to customers seeking care during his or her downtime. In a relaxed weekend or holiday environment, our expert physicians will deliver a personalized, yet professional setting.


Expert care personalized to fit your every need in a luxurious environment.

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News Demo - The decision to undergo an aesthetic operation is a transcendental decision that should be weighed and, above all, choose a good specialist to perform the intervention. For this reason, an exhaustive search of clinics and […]

Les II Tsars
Rue Centrale 62
3963 Crans Montana
P: +41 27 486 80 90