How to choose a cosmetic surgery center?

The decision to undergo an aesthetic operation is a transcendental decision that must be weighed and, above all, choose a good specialist to perform the intervention. For this reason, an exhaustive search of clinics and professionals must be carried out before deciding.

Certifications and facilities of an ambulatory surgery center

An ambulatory surgery center must be an accredited center in the Ministry of Health and must comply with all regulations. It must have good facilities, an excellent medical team and extensive experience. The Summit Clinic Montana is an outpatient surgery clinic with extensive experience in Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine.

The Professionals: An accredited multidisciplinary team

Aesthetic Surgery is contemplated in our country as a surgical specialty, with the official title “Medical Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery.” The specialty is achieved after a long and demanding period of selection via MIR, and theoretical and practical training, for a minimum of 5 years after the degree in medicine. This training guarantee is always a benefit for patient safety.

From Summit Clinic Montana we always recommend you to confirm the qualifications of the doctors who are going to perform your surgery, to make sure that they are going to be attended by specialists with an official title in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery by the Ministry of Education.

We also recommend that you always be attended by specialists, from the first moment you must inform the doctor who will intervene, giving you exhaustive information about the surgery demanded, the possible risks of the intervention and the actual results that will be obtained. You must ensure that you will be able to have a multidisciplinary team composed of anesthetists, nurses and assistants who are permanently monitoring your well-being and your safety at all times.

In Summit Clinic Montana, we have more than fifteen professionals among doctors, anesthetists, nurses, and assistants, specialists in their different areas, who constantly renew their knowledge to offer the best service and patient care.

State of the art equipment and officially approved products

In addition to considering the center and the professionals, you must also take into account, depending on the intervention that is going to be carried out, the resources that will be put at your disposal. Always choose quality, that the equipment or products are always medical and of the last generation, to ensure the highest safety and the best results.


In many cases, aesthetic medical clinics are chosen depending on their price, but if this is the only claim of a clinic, it is usually not a good option to opt for it. This does not mean that the quality is incompatible with a good price, but that this factor should not be the only one to take into account. The first parameter that you must take into account is the quality of the service, the technology, and the products. A reputed surgeon usually does not have low emoluments and, in addition, hospitalization, anesthesia, material, and surgical equipment must be taken into account.

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