Plastic Surgery Trends

Believe it or not but every year there are different plastic surgery trends. The popularity in the world of plastic surgery shifts from one procedure to another depending on various different factors. And guess what? Most of these factors are alive! That’s right, a lot of clients want to have a surgery that will make a specific part of their body to look like the one of celebrity or influencer. Thousands of people want to have a booty like Kim Kardashian, nose as Kate Middleton or Robert Pattinson’s jawline. Also in this harsh and severe world of plastic surgery, a lot of the procedures in a moment lose all their popularity as soon as a more modern and effective substitute is invented. And otherwise, new and promising treatments that show great results are skyrocketing in trends line. So based on these major factors and thousands of smaller once this is a prediction of beauty trends for 2020!

1.More attention to the bottom!
All procedures that enhance the beauty of the buttocks are on the rise now and sure be popular for a long time from now! Brazilian Butt lift is getting the main attention, cause it is the most effective way to increase the size and refine the shape of the buttocks at the moment. Factically it is fat grafting performed in the booty area: first, the patient’s own fat is removed from other parts of the body and then refined and purified to increase the fat survival rate after the grafting. Then the fat carefully injected in the hips and buttocks area. The final shape and size depend on the skills of the surgeon and the amount of the fat injected.

2.Sharpen the jawline!
Following western beauty trends a distinct jawline is considered to be beautiful (unlike the beauty trends in Asia, but we will talk about that in the next topic, so stay tuned!). And there are a lot of ways to create a defined jawline if you aren’t lucky enough to be born with one. Fillers, implants, double chin liposuction, there are methods for every situation possible. Implants make a long-lasting shape that is not going anywhere unless you decide to remove the implant. Jaw enhanced with fillers should be renewed from time to time, but it allows you to change the shape the way you wanted at any time, plus itis a non-surgical procedure. Double chin liposuction is for those who have a nice and sharp jawbone already but it is covered with fat tissues. Usually, double chin liposuction is performed with other types of liposuction to create more proportional results.

It isn’t a surprise that almost every person wants to lose some weight. And in 2020 a slim body is as popular and wanted as it was before. Thus the interest in liposuction isn’t going anywhere! It is an effective way to lose fat including the stubborn fat in the areas as belly, tights, hips, and chin. And the possibility of reusing this fat with grafting technique to create more refined body shape makes this procedure even more popular. Another pro of this procedure is that it leaves almost no marks on the body because the fat is sucked with a thin tube through tiny incisions.

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