The Summit Clinic welcomes renowned specialists in a state-of-the-art setting. These practitioners put their skills and know-how at the service of patients whose satisfaction is the absolute priority. Their areas of expertise include different complementary approaches to aesthetic, reconstructive and orthopedic surgery. They practice as liberal doctors, which guarantees a personalized approach and the exclusive follow-up of each patient.

  • Dr. Michel Ribordy
    Doctor in Chief - FMH Orthopedic Surgery
  • Dr. Johann Wary
    Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery
  • Dr. Veronique Bani
    Medical practitioner in Aesthetic medicine
  • Dr. Michaela Cramez
    Gynaecology & Obstetrics
  • Dr. Jean-Luc Levy
    Dermatology & Teledermatology
  • Dr.Sc. Zana Fijan
    Doctor in Biology, Bioresonance & Nutrition


  • Alexandre Loretan
    Nurse in Chief
  • Morgane Lude
    Medical Assistant
  • Gabor Bartucz
    Machine Technician
  • Lydie Elie
    Management Assistant
  • Emmanuelle Berthod
    Surgical Unit Operator
  • Isabel Moreira
    Surgical Unit Surface Technician
  • Véronique Buffat
    Surgical Unit Room Assistant
  • Sara Zufferey


  • Henri Magistretti
    Administrative Director
  • Denis Collé
    Human Resources Manager
  • Maxime Fournier
    Strategic Planning Manager

Les II Tsars
Rue Centrale 62
3963 Crans Montana
P: +41 27 486 80 90