Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, also called keyhole surgery, which allows the physician to examine and treat lesions of the joints.

Summit is equipped with the most modern arthroscopes for the greatest comfort of the patient and the most efficient intervention by the examiner.

This technique reduces discomfort and recovery time, and is well-suited for ambulatory practice.

How it works

The physician will make a small incision over the joint and introduce the arthroscope, a small tube with a camera and small instruments.

The surgeon will examine the articular cavity, document the lesion and repair it. Once the procedure is finished the arthroscope is withdrawn and one or two stitches will suffice to close the incision.

The procedure is undertaken under regional anaesthesia. The discomfort is minimal and recovery speedy, not to mention the absence of scars.

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Number of sessions

surgery + pre and post op consultations

Duration of surgery

30 to 90 minutes

Treatable areas

all joints



as directed by physician


discussed during consultation


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