Dermatology and teledermatology

Dermatology is a a practice achieved by a face-to-face patient visit for skin, hair and nail disorders. Among the several branches of dermatology, cosmetic surgery is one that utilises non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques for aesthetic conditions.

Teledermatology as a new form of diagnosis, consultation, and treatment that has evolved in the past decade. It is one of the fastest growing and best-researched disciplines in telemedicine. The fast development of this branch of dermatology can be attributed to the recent improvements in technology, and therefore the reduction of costs on one side; and the uneven  geographic distribution of dermatologists on the other.

How it works

At Summit Clinic we offer  the classic dermatologic consultation, plus two types of teledermatological consultation modalities:

The first one is called Store and Forward (SAF) technique, and consists on a GP obtaining data from the patient at the clinic (e.g. photos, historical and background information, etc.) and then sending this information to the dermatologist, who will review the data a few hours or days later.

The second modality is called Live Interactive (LI) technique, and consists of a videoconference, where patient and doctor can interact despite being on separate locations.

An alternative third modality is combining both the SAF and LI techniques.

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