The Exokine® serum is an innovative therapeutic concept for your skin quality. Other aesthetic methods concentrate on filling the skin or inducing damage to stimulate new skin formation. The Exokine® therapy utilises your own body’s capabilities to rejuvenate skin cells. Smooth and sustainable results continuously facilitate the well-being of your skin, activating your inner beauty. After the treatment, the quality of the skin is progressively better, and you can enjoy a glowing rejuvenated look for up to one year. Consult your physician to determine the optimum fresh-up treatment scheme to continuously keep your skin healthy and glowing. 

How it works

The Exokine® therapy is a lunchtime procedure. During the first treatment, your physician will extract some blood to prepare your personalised serum according to the Exokine® method. This serum can be preserved frozen for up to one year so you can book treatments at your convenience. A treatment session typically lasts 20 minutes.  The Exokine® serum is injected into the top intra-dermal skin layer, subtly activating body’s own growth factors and proteins stimulating the continuous rejuvenation of your skin. Collagen is naturally induced and after a few weeks hydration can imbed itself, resulting in significantly improved skin quality. The effects are naturally obtained and sustained. Book your first consultation now

Number of sessions

results after 1 session

Duration of treatment

20 minutes

Treatable areas

face, neck, hands & cleavage



9 months to a year


starting at 800CHF


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