Global Rejuvenation Treatment Program

The philosophy behind this program is Rational Dermatology Cosm-ethics, which means offering the most effective treatments to prevent and correct ageing, that are also more affordable and get more long-lasting and rational results.
This program is done in three phases that can be targeted sequentially for optimal results:
First phase: Spots, capillaries, tone and skin luminosity
Second phase: Loss of skin volume and wrinkles
Third phase: Prevention and treatment of loose skin

How it works

First phase: 
Spots, capillaries, tone and skin luminosity

The most visible signs of ageing are spots and changes of color in the skin. This are the most evident problems, but luckily are also the easiest to solve. The method our physician uses for this phase is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

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Second phase:
Loss of skin volume and wrinkles 

Facial expression wrinkles
The upper face expression wrinkles can be treated with botulinum toxin.

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Loss of skin volume and wrinkles
The loss of facial volume happens for a combination between fat loss and reabsorption of facial bones associated with loosened skin. This produces hollow-like areas in the centre of the cheekbone, wrinkles in the nasolabial groove and/or loose of definition in the jaw line. The solution to these problems are filler injections that restore the lost volume and fill in the grooves. There are several products that can be used, the most common ones are hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite.

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Third phase: 
Prevention and treatment of loose skin

The prevention and treatment of loose skin in the face can be performed with Ultherapy®.

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Combination of several treatments in one weekend

It is possible to combine several of these treatments in a period of two to three days. However, there are a few limitations in the order of the treatment because of the nature of the procedures. The ideal order would be:

  1. Fillers – on Friday afternoon
  2. IPL – on Saturday morning
  3. Ultherapy – on Saturday afternoon
  4. Botulinum toxin – on Sunday morning
  5. PRP – on Sunday afternoon

Our physician will be happy to advise you on the best recommended treatments for your specific needs and wishes.

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