Health Management Program

The aim of the Drs. Magistretti Healthcare is to allow patients to improve their quality of life and prevent ageing and disease through modern and sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

The cure rests on a tripod made up of:

  • State of the art techniques
  • Tradition and experience
  • An idyllic site

How it works

The process of Drs. Magistretti Healthcare consists of two steps:

1. Three pronged diagnostic work made up of: 

Traditional diagnostic tools
Such as: electrocardiogram, glaucoma test, stool test, prostate exam, vision test, complete blood count and blood biochemistry, skin exam, body fat analysis, consult with dietitian, hypnotherapy session (optional)

Genetic screening
A genomics evaluation of the patient will allow the physician to study genetic variants associated with increased risk for certain health conditions. It will also help asses the carrier status which does not affect the patient’s health, but could affect the family health. Along with this goes an appropriate degree of counselling to understand the patient’s genetic risks, which additional tests are indicated and what the results mean for the patient and his or her family.

Metabolic studies
A first-line phenotyping technology for assessing health.
The metabolic profile of an organism often changes when it’s biological systems are disturbed by disease, genetic mutations or environmental factors. This makes metabolites excellent candidates for biomarkers of disease, which can be detected by our physician. This technology can be used across multiple areas including cancer, metabolic and cardiovascular disease, immunology, neurology, genomics, etc. For the patient it is only a few drops of blood, for the doctor it is a goldmine of information.


2. Lifestyle recommendations and therapeutic measures:

Drs. Magistretti Healthcare is different to the traditional way doctors approach disease. In the traditional approach the doctor would analyse symptoms, run tests and suggest a treatment. Drs. Magistretti go beyond that by preventing ageing and disease through a different perspective:

  • Screening
  • Quantify
  • Preventive treatment
  • Monitoring

This allows for the early identification and prevention of disease, which is complemented by lifestyle recommendations and dietary suggestions to maintain and even improve ones condition.


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