Medical check-up

It is important to monitor health status periodically in order to diagnose early disease, and to prevent lifestyle-induced and genetically-programmed dysfunctions and disease.   

In addition to conventional methods of monitoring health, Summit works closely with two California-based companies: 23andMe and Metabolon, to respectively monitor genetic variants associated with increased risk for certain health conditions, and determine the metabolic profile of the patient. This will enable the Summit physician to recommend the relevant lifestyle changes and if necessary introduce therapeutic measures.

How it works

Conventional diagnostic measures: 

Physical examination, complete blood count as well as blood biochemistry, EKG, and other tests will give the Summit physician a baseline evaluation of the patient.

Genetic testing:

A genomics evaluation of the patient will allow the Summit physician to study genetic variants associated with increase risk for certain health conditions. It will also help asses the carrier status, which does not affect the patient’s health but could affect the family health. Lifestyle measures and treatment may be decided on this basis.

Metabolic testing:

The metabolic technology developed by Metabolon allows the practice of precision medicine, as at a certain level all diseases are metabolic; i.e. there is almost always a biochemical manifestation of disease or pre-disease which is reflected on the patient’s metabolites.

This three-prone approach equates to leaving no stone unturned in the search for early disease, and the recommendation of lifestyle changes implemented by the Summit team, composed of physician, dietitian and nurses.

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