Rejuvenation & Peeling with SkinEclipse®

Peelings are often very taxing on the patient’s skin, and a mountain setting might be too aggressive for the skin of many patients. We have therefore chosen to offer a technique which combines the use of a mandelic acid-based soft peeling (derived from almonds) with the Skin’Eclipse® technique.

How it works

To begin, the patient’s skin is gently cleansed with a soft fat-dissolving soap, the mandelic acid preparation is then applied to the face. The Skin’Eclipse® process then begins with the help of a hand-piece that delivers LED chromatherapy and cristal light therapy (lithotherapy).

The hand-piece enhances the penetration of the active principle into the skin through electroporation (electric-impulse-enhanced skin permeability) and electrophoresis (another electric-impulse-enhanced skin permeability). The result is a very efficient yet non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment, which is also indicated for skin spots. This treatment is ideally suited as a complement to other treatments such as Ultherapy, PRP Therapy, etc.

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Number of sessions

3 to 4 sessions

Duration of treatment

30 minutes

Treatable areas

face, neck & chest



1 to 3 weeks


starting at 150CHF per session


Les II Tsars
Rue Centrale 62
3963 Crans Montana
P: +41 27 486 80 90